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Fully Customized RF Design & Engineering

Telemakus’ Value Added Proposition

If you are on the verge of passing up a business opportunity because your resources are tight or you don’t have much experience in customized RF design implementation, we are here to help. By contracting Telemakus to fulfill your RF design requirements, you are bringing a highly qualified, experienced design team into your corner. We are capable of servicing your needs on a multitude of levels, including:

  • Contract Engineering – Our RF engineering staff can work interim at your facility as an extended member of your design team or a project manager. You set tasks and delegate responsibility while we handle the work.
  • Contract Product Development – Our staff is flexible and able to work on-site at your facility or remotely on a fixed-cost basis to develop the RF device you need from scratch. You determine the costs and tasks. We execute. Simple as that.
  • Turn-Key Product Design – If you are bringing a concept or technical specification needs to the table, we can design, build and test the prototypes at our facility, delivering the final product accordingly. You can be as involved as you’d like.
  • Fully Equipped CAD Lab – From our Computer Aided Design lab, we are able to complete work and build products in a multitude of diciplines, including:
    • Circuit Design Vector Network Analysis - System View Spectrum Analysis, Microwave Office, Statistical Waveform Analysis, Spice (non-linear) Multi-Tone Signal Generation.
    • Printed Circuit Boards & 3D Mechanical Prototype Builds - PADS & PCAD Surface Mounts, Alibre 3D Mechanical Parts, Turbocad (AutoCAD) ROHS Compliance As Required.
    • Finite Element Analysis - Algor – Linear Stress, Algor – Heat Transfer
    • Software Development – Visual Basic, Lab View (Automated Test), Visual C++, Agilent VEE.
    • Firmware Development – Chipcon (Integrated RF Module), MPLAB (PIC by Microchip), AVR Studio (ATMEL uCtrl), Keil uVision2 (C51 & Others).

Contact Telemakus Today About Your Project Needs

We are here to help your business succeed. Allow us to bring out passion and specialized knowledge to your organization so you can grow your business. If you have questions about our contracting, project management, RF design and prototype builds, don’t hesitate to contact us today.



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