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Other Products

USB Related Instuments & Tools

At Telemakus LLC, we provide more than just test instruments like vector modulators and amplifiers; we also provide USB accessories that could be useful to you and your business.

There are times when you would like to use multiple USB instruments, but do not have enough ports to connect all instruments at once. Through our USB hubs, you can connect an additional four or seven USB drives! These USB port hubs are also easily cascaded for connecting two or more hubs.

We also offer USB extension cables. The cables are three feet in length and can be cascaded up to 15 feet. No longer will you be limited by range in regards to how close your instrument is to your computing device.

Beyond the port hubs and extension cables, we also offer USB amplifiers for power purposes. These tools are great when used as an IF or RF buffer amplifier for use at ATE systems using other Telemakus products.

7 Port self powered industrial USB HUB
3ft, USB extention cable
Approved for use with Telemakus products
Can be cascaded if longer cable is required
4 Port USB HUB
Powered from USB Port, 5ft USBA-Micro USB supplied
Amplifier 0.1-6GHz, 15dB gain 18dBm P1dB
TAMP10000-12   0.1-10GHz 12dB gain also available

Order Yours Today!

If you are interested in obtaining one of these test instruments, feel free to contact one of our approved distributors. They handle all shipping and money transactions associated with the goods provided; and of course, they would be more than happy to complete your order. If you have any further questions about some of the products or their details, you are more than welcome to click on the links to each product description, or you can contact us at mail@telemakus.com.


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