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Telemakus LLC manufactactures Low Cost, USB controlled RF Test Instruments, My Test Instruments, USB Power Sensors, Synthesized Signal GeneratorsTelemakus USB Power Sensors/ Synthesized Signal Generators/ RF Switches/ Digital Attenuators/ Pulse Modulators & Morefax (916) 939-8713

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Telemakus LLC

Quality USB Controlled RF Devices

Telemakus offers a wide range of USB controlled test instruments for use in RF and microwave test and prototype development. Devices include USB RF Power Sensors, Digital Attenuators, Synthesized Signal Generators, RF Switches, Phase Shifters, Frequency Doublers and Vector Modulators. By combining these simple functions with a Windows PC, it is possible to build complex test systems for your project at a small fraction of the normal cost. All of our products are compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8.

Competitive Prices

Why buy a similar product that costs ten or one hundred times the price of ours? Telemakus manufactures high-performance USB Controlled RF Instruments at a low cost that will not burn a hole in your wallet. Save money now!

Convenience At The Palm Of Your Hand

Our USB RF Power Sensors, Vector Modulators and our other products are simple to transport due to their size and weight, which make them quite convenient:

  • The size of a typical flash drive weighs only 1oz.
  • Can be easily carried in your pocket or briefcase.
  • Ease of use with all drivers and software available on an internal flash drive.

Find Your RF Test Instrument Online Today!

From offering RF Switches and Digital Attenuators to Synthesized Sources and Power Sensors to Vector Modulators and Multipliers to Phase Shifters and more, Telemakus has a high-performance RF test instrument for your company’s needs at a low cost. Contact us at (916) 458-6346 to learn more about our services and to locate a distributor near you!